We empower brand strategies out of media insights

Through evidence-based marketing and deep media research, our goal is to create strong connections between brands and consumers.

From earned media to recommendations

As a decision maker you may ask yourself what defines your brand in the eyes of your consumers and how you can efficiently evaluate your brand perception?

We tackle complex issues and are thrilled to bring insights to light by crossing earned media with any other indicators and relevant data, helping brands to enhance communication strategies.

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What we do and how we can help

We accompany your brand in its communication process on the long run, as in-house or external consultants. In summary, we create a full picture of your brand and company... and of your main competitors. We believe that a close collaboration is essential to provide strong recommendations and thus create value for your brand.

All our expertises

How it works



We creatively use your earned media coverage (on and offline content) as the foundation for designing a winning brand strategy. 

But primary remains the setting up of a detailled briefing in order to define your business needs and to respond effectively to your objectives. 



In order to help you understand and measure all your key indicators, we developed high qualitative and quantitative analyses of all important and relevant information about your brand universe and sector in the media. 

These studies are crossed with other indicators in order to make insights emerge.



Based on your Paid, Owned and Earned media, we use a holistic approach to orchestrate and transform these data into an opportunity for your brand.

By having extremely detailed customer data, based on digital cross-channel behaviour, you will be able to intervene in the consumer decision journey. 



Based on these insights, we provide recommendations and tangible ways to understand your consumers’ behaviour to implement a relevant marketing strategy.

Our aim is to help you initiate a culture of data, measurement and performance within your marketing team in order to strengthen your brand equity.

Your key advantages

  1. You are able to foresee in time a potential crisis and prevent it
  2. You know exactly which keywords your brand is associated with and what are your best scoring topics
  3. You identify your influencers and stakeholders
  4. You have a clear vision of your brand’s media visibility and perception
  5. You are able to elaborate a powerful marketing strategy

what customers say


Jérémy Bernier, Strategic Partner Manager, Talkwalker

“Our partnership with the cube started in 2012. It’s been always enriching working with the cube. We share the same mindset and consider the cube as a forerunner when it comes to exploiting new ways to cross data in order to deliver recommendations.”



Christophe Ballegeer, Brand and Communications Director, E&Y

”Through qualitative benchmark analyses, tonality, thematic studies and digital expertise, the team from the cube helps us to master our media visibility. Great advice, great team, great collaboration.”


Cathy Daumerie, Directrice Benelux Service de Presse et Relations Extérieures, Chanel

"We collaborate with the cube since five years. If I say 'collaborate' and not 'work together', that's for a particular reason. The team is always availbable to respond to our queries concerning our analyses and to give their advice." 


Pascaline Vercruysse, Competitive Information Expert, Engie

Our long term collaboration with the cube has been beneficial all along the way. The generated insights trough their media studies help us to have a constant eye on how we evolve on the market.


Jean-Pascal Bouillon, Corporate Communication & CSR, Orange Belgium

“Being one of the main actors on the telecom market in Belgium, we need to be aware about our brand evolution on a paid and earned media perspective and to benchmark ourselves. That’s exactly where the cube’s expertise remains essential.”



Ward Vanhee, Project Manager, Two Cents

"Our collaboration is truly based on confidence. It’s great to rely on a partner such as the cube, always striving to deliver the great studies, helping us to plan new strategies."